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 Wellbeing & Self-care group sessions

How would you like to work on your wellbeing and personal development?

Excited to be offering weekly wellbeing classes – around the Knutsford area.

As an accredited counsellor, I’m looking forward to sharing knowledge, practices and techniques, including relaxation, meditations, breathing techniques, journalling, befriending your nervous system, and understanding anxiety, to name a few topics, in a space that will bring you connection with others.

….. so heaps of self-care in a nutshell!


Please email me if you’re interested and share what would be helpful to you.

Your input is so valuable.

Wellbeing with Lisa.png

Counselling services

would talking help? 

At times in our lives we may encounter struggles or feel lost and out of control which can cause us to feel overwhelmed, not knowing who to turn to or how to move forward. 


This could lead us to recognise that we may need some help.  You may have support from people around you and gain comfort from this, although sometimes what you may want to talk about may not be simply shared. 

This is when talking to a counsellor may help you make sense of what is happening with you and help you work towards positive outcomes.

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