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What can counselling
help you with?

Counselling can help to explore a wide range of issues that may be causing you unrest or emotional upset.  Problems don’t usually come in neat packages with just one title, they can be a mix of different issues, however, I wanted to highlight some of the problems you may be experiencing, where counselling may help and may include:

Anxiety – Depression – Loss – Trauma - Cancer – Illness - Identify – Unhelpful Thought Patterns – Unhelpful behaviours - Phobias - Limiting beliefs - Unresolved Issues – Low Self Worth/Value – Sexuality – Bereavement – Post Natal Depression – Stress Related Issues – Relationship Dynamics – Empty nest – Peri/Menopause - Goals

I believe everyone and their circumstances are unique, requiring a personal and honest approach.  I therefore work with you, using a variety of counselling approaches which are flexible to your needs, circumstances and chosen goals.

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