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My first blog!

I'm hoping my first blog will be an inspiration to all the technophobes out there. I hope that my honesty and transparency in owning that technology has been a challenge, especially during the pandemic, will allow you to see that I'm human too and that I am facing my fear and doing it anyway!

I have been pondering what to include in my blogs, and thought I'd start sharing video's, articles and interesting reads that maybe helpful to you and that have resonated with me.

I intend to offer resources on topic areas and hope to build a library of these for you to tap into.

As well as counselling, I have run workshops around mental health and well being and look forward to being able to start this up again in person in the near future. The workshops around anxiety and well being, including relaxation coping strategies and techniques were especially rewarding, where myself and my colleague received such positive feedback. Running workshops had been a long term ambition for me, however, the fear of failure in standing up in front of people stopped me from doing this for a long time, and with support and determination, I tackled this and decided to give it a go - I was so glad I did, stepping out of my comfort zone was a stretch, but worth it and provided me with evidence that I can do it.

Why I'm telling you this?

I work with clients to offer a space for them to work through and be curious about their own fears and limiting beliefs that may stop them doing what they want to do, working together to find the right type of coping strategies and techniques, as well as an awareness and understanding as to where beliefs may have come from and how they have shaped who they are today, their relationships and future aspirations.

I love this first video that I'm sharing, it really resonated with me, a poet; Adam Roa, who I found to be creative in how he delivered his message. Hope you get something from it too.


Take care.

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